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Maria Green Denture Clinic
New Westminster
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Standard, precision and
immediate Dentures

Standard, precision and immediate Dentures


Quality dentures require a great deal of time and craftsmanship. Each denture is custom made just for you. Each personalized denture requires a great deal of precision to make the fit and function perfect. The best materials and natural looking teeth are also used in quality dentures.

"Discounted " dentures offered by some dental services may use teeth that do not look as natural or last as long. . The saying "you get what you pay for"applies with dentures as well.

  Standard Dentures


Standard dentures are constructed using a physiological average and may function well for some but certainly not for all cases.

At the New Westminster, Maria Green Denture clinic the denturist will consult with you and help determine your denture needs. We will recommend solutions for YOUR oral condition. If you have any unusual conditions in your jaw such as:

> severe shrinkage of your
   jaw bone and tissue
> extreme overbite
> extreme underbite
> a crossbite

or if your dentures are more than 10 years old you may have a more difficult time wearing Standard Dentures.

Which ever type of denture that is decided for you the goal of the denturist is to strive for the maximum fit and comfort for all.

Denture Clinic - Lab

   Immediate Dentures


You are told by your health professional that your remaining teeth need to be extracted. To avoid the embarrassment of being without teeth an immediate denture is suggested.
The dentures are constructed by the denturist BEFORE the teeth are extracted. The denture is then placed in the mouth IMMEDIATELY after all extraction surgery.

There are several advantages to this technique:

> your smile is returned immediately
> enables you to return to work quickly
> the dentures protect the tissues    while healing
> you are able to eat

The downside to an immediate denture is that when the swelling subsides the denture becomes loose, and adjustments will have to be made.. Also you will not be able to see or try in the denture before it is finished.

At the New Westminster, Maria Green Denture clinic we will make every effort to make the denture as close to your natural appearance as possible and in most cases enhancing your smile.

  Precision Dentures


Not all dentures are fabricated using the same techniques. With sophisticated techniques a precision denture will provide optimum function and fit while speaking, laughing or eating.

FACEBOW... measuring the face and jaw
FACEBOW... measuring the face and jaw
When producing your precision dentures an instrument call the FACEBOW will measure your jaw and face and the data well be recorded and transferred onto another device, the STRATOS 200 ARTICULATOR. This articulator reproduces the movements of your jaw and helps us to set up a accurate and natural tooth formation specific to YOU.

Using these techniques the shape of your face and lips are restored as well as making the fit of the dentures more accurate. Only premium quality teeth and premium quality acrylic are used in our precision equilibrated dentures. It is possible to make predictably good dentures at the New Westminster, Maria Green Denture clinic. Give us a call for more information on our precision dentures.

Transfering the jaw measurments from the FACEBOW to the ARTICULATOR
Stratos 200 Articulator


New dentures can take years off of your appearance and give your face a lift as well as making chewing more comfortable. Your face, mouth and jaw change over the years and your old denture cannot adapt to these changes.. Tissues and bone that have shrunk cause poor denture fit.

Here are some of the signs that your dentures should be checked:

»   sore and irritated tissues
»   thinning lips and sagging mouth
»   difficulty chewing your favorite foods
»   looking older than you actually are
»   dentures falling out when speaking or laughing
»   a toothless looking smile
»   whistling, slurring or clicking noises
»   wrinkles around your mouth
»   headaches, neck and ear pain
»   they are in your pocket most of the time !

Here at the New Westminster, Maria Green Denture clinic we suggest a consultation to have your dentures checked and cleaned every 2 years and replaced every 5 years to prevent any problems in the future.

Mouth with old DenturesMouth with new DenturesMouth with new Dentures

"These photos have not been touched up in any way"

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